About us?

The short of it? Just a couple jabrones who got bored and wanted to try asomething fun! The long of it... We're long time community minded business owners in downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota. We're known for spending our free time coming up with wild ideas for our businesses and the community. After two years of talking this one over, we're ready to give it a go!

Matt Winjum

Matt Winjum is a successful entrepreneur that has owned businesses for more than 23 years. He is the co-founder of Rhombus Guys Holdings Inc. He owns operates four restaurants, a brewery, a frozen pizza production company, dozens of apartments, multiple commercial real estate properties and one red food truck. He has been named to the top 40 under 40, the SBA young entrepreneur of the year, Chamber business of the year, Chamber Board, UND entrepreneur in residence, most improved tennis player on the 1997 LHS high school tennis team, Top 100 independent pizzeria owner in the country, best pizza in ND, best brewery at multiple festivals, life of the party, and Honorary commander of the 348th at GFAFB. (Probably missed a few dozen). He likes long walks on the beach, hot pizza and cold beer. He isn’t messing around. He has $5,000 to spend.

Justin Auch

Justin Auch is a successful local business owner in Grand Forks with a penchant for unconventional ideas and high adventure! He's a UND Alumni who now owns the landmark downtown corner coffee bar, The Urban Stampede, along with software development consulting firm, Also Creative Inc. Through his software engineering business, he's worked with big brands like Adidas, The NHL and TB12. He was Grand Forks Young Professionals entrepreneur of the year, almost named to the 40 under 40 list one year probably, Served on the Evolve Grand Forks board, Employee of the month at Carmike Cinema South in Minot, ND, in January of 1998, and was a distant runner up for state student council president in 1999. He loves mountains, hiking, snowboarding, backpacking, winter camping, general adventure and talking about crazy ideas that almost never see the light of day. This Hunt is the exception and he's excited to see it go all the way!